Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Gottex

Based on the videos and photos coming out of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, swimwear is going a little bit 70s and a little bit Goth with much consideration for a real woman’s body taken into account.

A Little Bit Goth

My personal favorite of the entire show was a strapless, black suit with a brief cut over the leg. It looks to be imitation leather or vinyl. While Gottex only featured one swimsuit in this material. It stood out to me as the most memorable and most important piece in the collection. I have never seen a suit like it and while I am not sure if it has any real world appeal, it certainly brought a fresh idea to the forefront. I certainly hope stores carry this look in a breathable material. The look is rockin’, but it doesn’t seem entirely practical.

A Little Bit 70s

It seems that one-pieces are making a come-back in a big way. The suits featured by Gottex on the runway were 70’s era glam and I personally loved it! The majority of one pieces featured plunging necks with a dramatically high cut over the legs. The acceptability of the high cut leg is something I have been praying would make a comeback. Everyone wants to appear to have long legs, especially in a swimsuit. The boy briefs of previous seasons are pretty unflattering to anyone over 100 pounds. I say bring back that high cut leg and make us all look like long-legged bathing beauties.

Is that Belt a Flotation Device?

An accessory with swimwear is something I have never understood. But, I like my swimsuit to at least give the impression that I might actually go swimming. Many of the suits were belted which to me makes very little sense. Personally, I think the suits stood out without the embellishment. The cuts are dramatic enough and highly flattering for most body types. But, there are also people out there who wear high heels with their swimsuits. Maybe accessorizing swimwear is geared toward them. Having said all that, the accessories were very bold, and certainly upped the wow-factor on the suits.

Black is Back

Black was the dominant color with a lot of bold red accents thrown in for drama. White, blue and gold were also featured. But the black suits are what caught my eye. Who doesn’t love the slimming effects of a black swimsuit? Thank you to Gottex for designing swimsuits that will allow real women to showcase their assets, hide their flaws and be highly fashionable all at the same time.