Pax Vaporizer Review

Pax Vaporizer Review
Pax Vaporizer Review

Pax Vaporizer Review

The first generation PAX vaporizer is one of the best portable vaporizer devices because of its size and design. The device isn’t very big, measuring about 4 inches in length and weighing about 100 grams. It fits perfectly into your hand and it is built for convenience. This means there is no glass or large tube that you can easily break. It doesn’t even look like a normal vaporizer. In fact it looks like an oversized lighter. Ploom did a fantastic job designing this device and the engineering inside of it makes it even better.

What’s in the Box?

This vaporizer comes with:

  • 1 PAX Vaporizer
    • 1 Cleaning Kit
    • 2 Packs of O’ Lubricant
    • 1 Wall Charger

You can also customize the color of your device: Onyx (Black), Diamond (Silver), Emerald (Green), Cobalt, Amethyst (Purple). You can purchase additional accessories such as a car charger, additional mouthpieces, oven lids, screens, charging kits, etc. Click here to know about vape juices in UK.

Design and Features

The PAX has an anodized aluminum body with a plastic bore mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is a little different than most might be used to. It is a wide mouthpiece as opposed to the traditional small round mouthpiece. It does change the flow of air and how much vapor you get, so it will take some getting used to, but that does not change the value of the device. The bottom of the device is where the oven is stored. It is closed with magnetic pieces making it easy to pop the bottom on and off.

The PAX is loaded with adjustable heat settings including low, medium or high so that you have a more customized vaping experience. To use the device you open the oven at the bottom and fill the herbs inside the tube. The oven is slightly smaller than an inch. To actually start the heating process, press down on the mouthpiece at the top of the device to release it into place. This will start the 30 second heating process. A simple and effective process with quick heating.

The PAX does have a nice LED light indicator that tells you when you are low on battery, what temperature setting you are on, and if the device is on standby mode. Standby mode conserves battery power and cools the device automatically when you are no longer using it. It’s a nice feature that also makes the device safety conscious. One other neat function that Ploom added to the PAX is the ability to give the device a quick shake to illuminate the LED to see how much battery life is remaining.

Battery Life

The PAX is a portable device, so remember that as we talk about battery. The battery will only last about an hour (of full use) before you have to charge it again. However, it only takes about an hour to charge. As mentioned earlier, there is a standby mode that does conserve battery. Therefore, depending on how often you use the device will depend on how often you need to charge it throughout the day. You will want to have a charger with you at all times, so getting that car charger may be a useful addition.