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Biography of Beverly Lewis

Beverly Lewis was always a creative person her entire life. She was born in Lancaster Pennsylvania, which is where the many of the Amish folks live. Beverly's dad was a pastor in Lancaster as well. It's no wonder that Beverly knows so much about the Amish people growing up right along with them. If you have read Beverly's books, you will notice that all are centered around the lives of Amish people and how they live. I have always found them very interesting. As you read any of Beverly's books, you can actually picture the Amish settings, and lives. Once I pick up one of her books, I find it rather hard to put it down.

When Beverly was 9 years of age, she was already a storyteller. She enjoyed creating poetry and short stories at that age. Impressively, one of Beverly's stories was quite long when she wrote about a young girl that wasn't able to keep going to piano lessons since her parents couldn't afford them. Beverly titled that 77 page work as, "She Shall Have Music." It seemed clear in that story that Beverly was born to be a writer. As a child she also enjoyed reading a lot of books and playing her piano.

It was many years away from that childhood, until Beverly would be able to get her writing published. First of all, she became married to David Lewis, and they had three children. The writing didn't come until her children were much older, and it was then that Beverly became serious about her work. She started out with sending her manuscripts to magazines first of all, most all of which were publications for children. Beverly has numerous stories that were published for youth known as the Cul-de-Sac Series. The first book came out in 1995, known as "The Double Dabble Surprise." Following, there were 24 books in that series. Other series for kids written by Beverly are Girls Only Series, the Holly's Heart Series, and Summerhill Secrets Series.

Beverly tried her hand at writing adult fiction by creating an trilogy known as The Heritage of Lancaster County. The first book in her Lancaster County Series is "The Shunning," which I highly recommend. That first book was published in 1997. Beverly has won many awards for many of her books.

At the present time, Beverly lives in Colorado with her husband. They both have other favorite hobbies that they enjoy, and to date, have three grandchildren.

Brief Biography of NBA Legend Dave Bing and His Career

Dave Bing was born on November 24, 1943 in Washington, D.C. After a very successful high school basketball career at Spingarn High School, Bing took his game to the college level at Syracuse University. Bing led the Syracuse to much success and set the school scoring record at 1,883 points.

As a senior in 1966, Bing averaged 28.4 points per game and was named an All-American. His number, 22, has been retired to the rafters for the Orangemen. With this success at the highest collegiate level, Bing took his game to the pros.

Dave Bing was selected by the Detroit Pistons with the second overall pick in the 1966 NBA Draft. Bing would play for the Pistons for nine seasons and become a star. In his rookie year, Bing averaged 20.0 points and 4.1 assists per game. He won the Rookie of the Year Award.

His best season for the Pistons would come in 1967-1968 when he averaged 27.1 points and 6.1 assists per game. It was during this season that he led the entire NBA in scoring. Bing never had much success in the NBA playoffs as he never made it past the second round.

Dave Bing was known for his wiry frame and silky-smooth play. He had very sound fundamentals but also extreme athleticism which allowed him to dominate defenders night in and night out.

In 1971, Dave Bing experienced a horrific eye injury, a detached retina, which almost ended his basketball career for good. He already had poor vision from an accident he experienced as a child.

In 1975, Bing was traded to the Washington Bullets where he would spend two seasons. His best season with the Bullets was the 1975-1976 season where he averaged 16.2 points and 6.0 assists per game. It was becoming clear, however, that Bing’s career was winding down.

In 1977 Bing was traded yet again to the Boston Celtics where he would finish out his career. He appeared for Boston in 80 games during the 1977-1978 season but only averaged 13.6 points per game.

Dave Bing is one of the most forgotten stars of the NBA. His relatively brief career may be what keeps him from being listed as one of the all-time greats. There is no denying, however, the level of skill that Bing put on display every night during his career. In 1996, Dave Bing was named as one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA history.