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Plus Size Fashion: Cropped Jackets and Denim Vests for Summer

As the hot summer temperatures fade into the cooler fall, the latest plus size fashion trends are great for layering: Cropped jackets and denim vests. With acid-washed denim, metal embellishments and ruffled details, these new jackets and vests are an updated take on many styles from the 90s. A feminine twist on military-inspired lines makes these garments very tomboy-meets-siren.

Wear these with T-shirts and jeans for a casual look, or pair with a slinky, satin blouse and dress pants for a night out on the town. Pair these plus size fashion items with darker colors and well-fitting garments for a slimming effect, especially with the vertical lines and details on several of these recommended jackets and vests.

Plus Size Fashion: Ruffled Military Jacket by Fashion Bug – Black denim with military-style lines, the soft ruffles and curves of this jacket take it from macho to feminine and flirty. Available online for $27.99 (sale) and in sizes XS-4X, this cropped jacket can take you from late summer straight into the fall.

Plus Size Fashion:Ruffle-Front Cropped Jacket by Torrid – This khaki cropped jacket features a ruffle front and ruched sleeves, with a banded knit hem. This jacket is a flirty take on a tomboy look, which works both with casual or evening wear. Zip-front closure and 21" long, this cotton jacket is available online for $48 in sizes 0-4.

Plus Size Fashion:Stretch Denim Vest by Avenue – This sleeveless vest comes in white denim, with a western-inspired look. Button-up closure and slant pockets, this vest is cropped at 20" long. Darted vertical seams make this a flattering look, and it is available in sizes 14/16-30/32 for $16.99 (sale).

Plus Size Fashion:Vintage Stretch Denim Vest by Avenue – This sleeveless, soft denim vest is western-inspired, with a faded wash straight out of the 90s. Cropped at approximately 24" long, this item features button closures and contrast stitching. Available online for $21.99 in sizes 14/16-30/32, in both medium wash and light wash.

Plus Size Fashion:Denim Moto Jacket by Lane Bryant – Featuring darker denim and a cropped jacket length of 24," this jacket is a cotton/Spandex blend with an asymmetrical zipper and silver-tone studs, with two side-slit zipper pockets. Add a tough edge to your favorite ensemble. Available in sizes 14-28 in dark sandblast, this denim jacket is available online for $59.50.


Bargain Fashionista Tips: How to Throw a Clothing Swap

Do you love to shop for bargains? The bargain fashionista loves to shop and buy new things, but she also doesn't like to spend a lot of money on new clothes. After all, they will be out of style in a few months, anyway, right?

If you like to be fashionable without spending all your cash, try throwing a clothing swap. The idea is to bring all the clothing items you no longer use to an awesome party and return home with all new things. Sound like fun?

Here's how all you bargain fashionistas out there can throw your own clothing swap.

Bargain Tip #1 for Hosting a Clothing Swap: Invite all your fashionista friends

Make a guest list of all your friends with a fashionable wardrobe. Buy or make invitations to send to all these friends. To save money on paper and postage, send an e-card to all your fashionista friends inviting them to your awesome clothing swap.

Bargain Tip #2 for Hosting a Clothing Swap: Plan the menu

This is a clothing swap, not a dinner party. Plan to snack on appetizers throughout the evening, like little smokies or fondue, in order to save money. To save even more, tell your friends it's also a potluck and to bring their favorite snacks or beverages.

Bargain Tip #3 for Hosting a Clothing Swap: Come up with party activities

Other than swapping clothes and eating, what are your plans for the evening? Perhaps you could plan some games for the party. Why not play a game to determine who gets what at the swap?

Bargain Tip #4 for Hosting a Clothing Swap: Clean out your closet

Don't forget, you have to bring something to the swap, too! Dig through your closet and decide what you don't need – or want – anymore. If you haven't worn it in the last year, you probably won't ever wear it again. And just for courtesy's sake, make sure it's clean!

Bargain Tip #5 for Hosting a Clothing Swap: Shop till you drop!

Not only do you get to have a good time at a clothing swap, but you'll get a ton of new clothes without spending any money. It's great to have sisters or friends to swap clothes with. It's like having a whole new wardrobe at times – without dropping any serious cash. Could you get a better bargain?

Now get out and show off your new stuff!


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Gottex

Based on the videos and photos coming out of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, swimwear is going a little bit 70s and a little bit Goth with much consideration for a real woman’s body taken into account.

A Little Bit Goth

My personal favorite of the entire show was a strapless, black suit with a brief cut over the leg. It looks to be imitation leather or vinyl. While Gottex only featured one swimsuit in this material. It stood out to me as the most memorable and most important piece in the collection. I have never seen a suit like it and while I am not sure if it has any real world appeal, it certainly brought a fresh idea to the forefront. I certainly hope stores carry this look in a breathable material. The look is rockin’, but it doesn’t seem entirely practical.

A Little Bit 70s

It seems that one-pieces are making a come-back in a big way. The suits featured by Gottex on the runway were 70’s era glam and I personally loved it! The majority of one pieces featured plunging necks with a dramatically high cut over the legs. The acceptability of the high cut leg is something I have been praying would make a comeback. Everyone wants to appear to have long legs, especially in a swimsuit. The boy briefs of previous seasons are pretty unflattering to anyone over 100 pounds. I say bring back that high cut leg and make us all look like long-legged bathing beauties.

Is that Belt a Flotation Device?

An accessory with swimwear is something I have never understood. But, I like my swimsuit to at least give the impression that I might actually go swimming. Many of the suits were belted which to me makes very little sense. Personally, I think the suits stood out without the embellishment. The cuts are dramatic enough and highly flattering for most body types. But, there are also people out there who wear high heels with their swimsuits. Maybe accessorizing swimwear is geared toward them. Having said all that, the accessories were very bold, and certainly upped the wow-factor on the suits.

Black is Back

Black was the dominant color with a lot of bold red accents thrown in for drama. White, blue and gold were also featured. But the black suits are what caught my eye. Who doesn’t love the slimming effects of a black swimsuit? Thank you to Gottex for designing swimsuits that will allow real women to showcase their assets, hide their flaws and be highly fashionable all at the same time.


Fashion Advice for Newbies First Entering the Workplace

Americans have the tendency to think they are expressing individualism through the clothing style the choose to present to the world. The truth, of course, is that your so-called non-conformist manifesto of your unique statement about yourself is really more of a statement about how well you have been manipulated by the advertising industry. Fashion is no place to make a statement about your individuality. This statement is especially true in a professional workplace.

Fashion faux pas come and go-remember leisure suits?-and though many places of business have become far more relaxed than they were twenty or thirty years ago, in certain subcultures of the American business machine, professional attire still bears a more than passing resemblance to what it looked like in the 1950s. If you are just preparing to enter the professional world of American capitalist commerce, be aware that certain fashion choices are, for a variety of reasons, absolutely unacceptable. Also be aware that it is always better to avoid having to be informed of your unacceptable mode of dress than to be called into the office of the boss and sit there meekly while he explains your mistake to you.

The first lesson in business-appropriate attire education is to avoid looking either trashy or slovenly. Unless you see other women in the office wearing short skirts, tight shirts or low cut dresses, you should avoid showing up in that manner of dress. The opposite goes for guys: put away your ripped blue jeans if all the other male workers are showing up in dress pants. Get rid of that ratty old jacket your mother bought for you when you were still in high school and invest in a nice suit and a tie that matches the corporate culture expressed by the other ties being worn to the office.

Dressing appropriately for work also means avoidance of the issue of showing up in wrinkled or rumpled or stained clothing. If you don’t have time to iron your shirt or skirt, pick another one from the closet. Ragged clothing has the power to subliminally brand you as lazy or sloppy in the eyes of the boss and co-workers. If you don’t own an iron, get yourself a good one and learn how to use it. Also make sure that come Friday you aren’t left in the position of having just one outfit that is clean only to find out that it is also heavily wrinkled.

Other business workplace fashion disaster extend to your particular choice of style. Look around at how others dress to get a sense of how you should dress. It’s perfectly reasonable to carve out a little individuality so that you don’t become a clone of your fellow workers, but there are some instances of individuality that can only work against you. For instance, if you have access to a shirt with emblazoned with your company’s logo and you notice that not too many other employees wear it, it is better to avoid it yourself. This choice will help you to avoid being looked upon as having no sense of style or of being a company drone.

Use your first paycheck to buy yourself a nice pair of shoes. A little style in the shoes can go a long way toward improving the way you are looked at whereas sticking with a pair of ugly shoes only reinforces the idea that you have no style at all.

Certain fashion choices should always be avoided unless they are commonly found on the person of your co-workers. For instance, garishly decorated Hawaiian shirts should be left at home even if your office has established a casual Friday. In the words of Homer Simpson, only fat guys and party animals wear Hawaiian shirts and you don’t want to be seen as either. Female employees should avoid wearing pants that ride down when they squat or bend over to reveal the fact that your choice of underwear is the thong. It’s okay to wear a thong to work; just make sure nobody there actually knows it.

Both men and women should avoid wearing too-tight tops. A tight shirt that outlines your beer belly or man-boobs or back fat is a definite office fashion no-no. The same thing applies to pants that are so tight they result in the spillage of fat over the waistband. Too tight pants that reveal the fact that you have no fat at all should also be avoided unless you see other workers wearing them.

One last piece of advice to workplace newbies unfamiliar with the fact that office attire is not really the same thing as school attire: find yourself a dependable dry cleaner and chuck over the extra lettuce to have your work clothes professionally cleaned.


Turn Comic Books Into Fashion Accessories

Beer bottle caps (not bent)
Comic strip or printed picture
White glue
Items such as pin backings, headbands, hat bands, and similar things (all optional)

A comic book pin might not become the jewel of the jewelry box but that doesn't mean that it won't be cute with some outfits. It's so much fun to turn old comic books, or newspaper comics, into exciting fashion accessories, even if they aren't real gold or diamonds. For a child, a comic book pin, headband, or necklace, is a nice accessory to wear with jeans and a tee, or a casual dress. And, when you find out just how many accessories you can make from one comic page, you'll suddenly own many fashion pieces, because you'll want to make one of each!

Save bottle caps and turn them into costume jewelry, clothing accessories, and more. The caps aren't the plastic type, found on water bottles. They're the metallic caps, found on beer bottles. The metal caps look great as pins, necklaces, and more. No matter what piece you're going to make, start by covering a cap – or more than one – with the chosen comic strip. The paper can be black and white, from years ago, or can be colorful and new.

Cut a circle from the comic; make it a good bit larger than the actual beer bottle cap. Glue the picture onto the lid; make sure it is positioned so that a main character, or a particular scene, is centered. Cut off the excess.

Drill a hole in the top of the cap to make a necklace or earring. Drill a hole on the two sides of the cap to make a bracelet, using several caps. Glue a pin backing on it to make a cute brooch. Attach the comic cap to a headband or to a hat band as a fun, decorative piece. The small circle of comics can become a curtain tie back, a key ring, an accent on a picture frame, an accent in a scrapbook, or even a zipper pull on a jacket. Glue a cap to a drawer pull, use a row of them to encircle a lampshade, or create your own designs with comic caps.

Clear tape is perfect for covering the comic book image so that it doesn't get scratched or otherwise marred. Wear the cap, put it on something else that you own – like a purse – or decorate with it. A comic book bottle cap can become many different things but why choose? Make one of each and you'll really be happy!


5 Hot Nathan Jenden Fashions for Fall

Nathan Jenden started his own label in 2015 after working under Diane von Furstenberg. Born in London, England, Nathan introduces lots of black and white this fall 2020 season with minimal coloring. He takes advantage of the Japanese Gothic Lolita look in many of these fashions for women. Below are my top five picks from his fall 2020 ready to wear collection:

The first fashion by Nathan here is a two piece outfit in black with fishnet forming the sleeves and the chest. A vest-like top buttoned in the front has mini pleats on either side as they sit on the waistline over the black pants. The pants are stretch which mold to the shape of the legs. This is great for the woman who likes to wear the Gothic or Emo style. Try wearing this to a weekend party this fall season.

Ruffles and more fishnet appear in the second dress, paired with black stockings. The ruffles lay flat on either side right below the bustline and flare out slightly at the waist. This black satin looks very urban chic. Try wearing a large silver cross with this when you wear it to a nightclub this fall.

This third dress is made in the Gothic Lolita style made popular in Japan. The skirt looks like it's made of crepe paper and accordion folded around the model's waist. The black jacket, neck ribbon, and black stockings complete the look. This is great for young women who are in college and want to wear something cool to a sorority party.

Here is a combination knit top with a woven skirt in striking black, red, and white geometric lines. The knit top is long sleeved with a turtleneck collar. In place of black stockings, try red stockings. Add your favorite gold jewelry for the perfect accessory to this ensemble. Wear this to a charity event or a an informal dinner party.

Last on the list is a white dress with fringe at the bottom that is reminiscent of the 1920's style. The frilly tags that decorate the surface of the dress have a spongy look and feel to them. This dress is very pretty by itself so if you want to accessorize, use delicate, dainty jewelry to wear with it. This dress can be worn to a formal dinner party.

Nathan Jenden fashions can be purchased through Net a Porter and Shop Style.